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'Her'Story - Our Local Seasoned Pro

Meridith Coyle, our relentless CEO.

Meridith Coyle has owned and operated award winning Main Line restaurants, markets and catering companies for over 30 years. She is not only still incredibly active in these companies, but she is now writing and teaching people how to take their own health back through diet and lifestyle modifications. Her multiple locations of the famed ANEU Kitchens and ANEU Catering have been awarded locally for many different offerings but mostly for making the comfort food we know and love, healthy. 

Meridith has been certified for over ten years in whole food and vegan cooking and integrative nutrition. She is continuing her education presently on cutting edge nutritional trends and medical advances. Through her love of food, Meridith helps people to succeed in their health goals through a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle through all the incredible food that can be seen in all stores and at all her events. She enjoys helping individual clients, speaking to major corporations, and planning her future in helping people navigate the ever-changing landscape of food. 

"There is nothing better than seeing our clients come back time after time, event after event, year after year. I have clients that were customers in our first location in 1992 who followed us through our farmers market times, then came to our restaurants. Since then and throughout, we have catered their momentous events, weddings, their children's celebrations, then their children's weddings,  followed by baby showers for their soon to be grandchildren. We have a culture here at Aneu that is undeniably unmatchable. And that is what I love and am the most proud.  It's a passion and a lifestyle for me and my entire team." -Meridith Coyle



Our Market Case is where we began.  Back to 1992 in the Wayne Farmer’s market when Meridith cooked 4 days a week and sold her offerings 3 days a week to many of the same customers we serve today. Most items in the market case are from recipes dating back to 1992 and earlier. 


Have a last minute group for dinner? No need to worry.  We always have great appetizers and dinners available.  All to heat & bake at your convenience! No guests? We make all the entrees small enough for a generous dinner for two. And for dessert - just bake off some of our pastry chef's great cookies or have some yummy local-artisan homemade ice cream.


My favorite place in the shop.  The smell from our shops starts early in the morning and will always make me happy. The scones are from the recipes I used from when my 3 girls were young. The cookies carry over from my Father's market….and the imported croissant doughs….pure heaven.

Our bakery offers scones, cookies, freshly baked croissants, pies, muffins & more! We also have guilt free and gluten free goodies that include energy balls, protein bars, chia seed puddings, frittatas and more!


We have done our best to offer an alternative for our clients who are avoiding gluten.  We use nut and seed flours and not chemical laden alternatives like most gluten free pastry. Cookies, scones, muffins, energy balls, peppermint patties, peanut butter cups, superfood bars, almond butter cups, etc.

We work on new flavors & items daily. Follow our Instagram for more details and visuals of these products.


The grab and go portion of our shop was born out of our origins and reintroduced due to the 2019 pandemic. The result is no less than hundreds of meals, salads, soups, dips, and salad dressings that are restaurant quality at supermarket pricing. 


Smoothies that are packed with protein and veggies and tons of flavor!  Unlike lots of smoothies that are made with added sugar and chemicals, our smoothies are a meal without the guilt. Choose from our amazing menu or create your own!


These bowls are topped with our homemade granola and covered in fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. A yummy alternative for breakfast or a treat. Available gluten and dairy free.


We make our juices 7 days a week so you get the most nutrients from your choice.  The veggies are organic when available and often brought straight from the juicer with no wait. 

We also have shots, tonics and elixirs for health. Enjoy our fruit and vegetable infused waters, teas and lemonades. Our fresh pressed cocktail mixers are great as a mocktail with club soda or with your spirit of choice. We use clean ingredients and fresh produce so you get the most out of your drinks for top of the line health and wellness.


Now serving Lavazza coffee for espresso & drip beverages.