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Paoli, PA

1556 East Lancaster Avenue, Paoli, PA
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Margate, NJ

8 S Gladstone Ave, Margate City, NJ
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Ocean City, NJ

5501 West Ave, Ocean City, NJ
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Valley Forge, PA

Coming Soon - 2024!
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We are a Modern Kitchen

Our food is natural, whole, fresh, prepared daily and organic when possible. Every item in our kitchen is made from scratch. We take the time to design each menu item to fit the needs and dietary restrictions of our clients. We also believe every event is unique, and food should be too.In addition, Aneu follows food and health trends not only in our industry, but the entire wellness industry. Our focus revolves around exceeding your expectations with menus that fit all dietary and nutritional needs.

Clean Food

When possible, our kitchen stays away from from nitrates, preservatives, dirty dozen and runs towards antibiotic free meats, fish, chicken and dairy. Come taste the difference!

Healthy Food

We have a wide variety of dishes to fulfill all dietary preferences: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo, keto, sugar free, low carb, and more!

Homemade Food

Made with whole food from our kitchen to your table, without the guilt of added sugar, fats, calories or chemicals.

Our Signature Ideas

Market Case

Freezer Favorties

Pastry House

Fresh Pressed Juices

HomeGoods & Gifts

Infinity Balls


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